Hi there, Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Barbie and I am a quilter. I learned to sew as a young girl from my mother and grandmother. I began by taking apart my Ken doll’s clothes (he only had one very boring outfit) and making him the most colourful wardrobe from sewing room scraps. My mother would take me fabric and pattern shopping to make skirts and bags. My Grandmother an expert embroiderer taught me to embellish. It wasn’t until my own children requested blankets for their teddy bears that I began quilting. Those teddy bears were not going to have an ordinary blanket they were going to receive quilts. I have learned a lot since those early days and find myself today quilting for many people in various applications. I provide longarm quilting services to those who make their own patchwork quilt tops, I quilt on commission and am involved in many charitable and artistic collaborations.

My work brings me into contact with the most amazing people who have taught me so much more than just the simple act of sewing.

I am grateful and honoured to be a part of this craft.

“One can never have enough quilts”


All enquiries welcome